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VIPM fails to launch after splash screen on Windows



  • Ray Benjamin

    This worked for me. For some reason, right-clicking and selecting "run as admin" didn't work. I have no idea why that is. There still may be a problem, since VPIM is taking a very long time to download the list of modules ...

  • Lela Cook

    VIPM circumvents a lot of major headaches and risks normally associated with sharing code with colleagues and customers. First, VIPM makes it very easy to upgrade and downgrade installed VI Packages. For example, happy wheels online recently we needed to update an old example application that used a previous version of a VI package. With VIPM, I was able to easily downgrade the VI package installed in my LabVIEW environment to an older version, load the example, make the necessary changes, and send it back to the customer. In addition, I was able to switch back to the newer version of the package on my LabVIEW system quickly to continue other development projects. With any another system, making changes in an application using an older library would be very manual, error-prone, and time-consuming.

  • Hawt Rajpoot

    Ray Benjamin your suggestion worked for me, thanks alot bro.

  • Jenny Cora

    Thanks for sharing this useful information.


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