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VIPM 2011.0.1 Release Notes



  • Daniel Heller

    If you truly want to makes “BEST” of your college life. Following are the rules:

    1. First of all, never ever give a shit on whatever thing and anyone. And by anyone, I mean each person including your classmates, teachers, dean, VC, HOD whoever. Do not listen to them. Do at all you want to do. And by no matter which I mean all the rules and systems things. They do not matter at all.
    2. Do not be too serious about your learns and marks since I have seen the nerds and book worms regretting and crying after college that they have missed all the fun they could have during the college. This is your last chance to create some superb memoirs out of these 3 or 4 years which are going to be with you for the rest of your being.
    3. Getting a job should not be your focus. Do not load yourself that you have to be a class topper in every semester to get a good campus placement. Each one gets a job at the end of the college.
    4. In its place of focusing on getting good marks and a good job, your focus should be to become a better person. Try to learn new things. Face up to yourself. Do not be a library addict please (I beg you). Join all the further co-curricular actions in the college. Join a band. Learn to play a device. Join an acting club; take part in a ramp walk no matter how sadly you walk.

    All I want to say here is that there is nothing wrong in learning hard and getting good marks. But, do not ruin these superb years by just reading books and notes. These college years are way more than this. You are going to be fine in the end. You will get a job. You will earn money. You will get a girl. You will get married. You will have children. custom essay You will have all that you want or need. But this time that you are going to spend in college, you will not get back these years yet again.

  • Bella Stenberg

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