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Packaging your Reuse Libraries


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  • James Jones

    It would be good if under Step 2 there was an Advanced option with detailed information on how to have all the smaller packages be installed as part of a larger package, like OpenG or MGI.  Similarly, the details required for when creating the sub-palettes to have them all install under a single main category palette.  In addition, how to handle inter-dependencies between the individual packages.  And, also the details for handling the configuration if this Main category is yet a child of an even larger palette set.

    I'm struggling to split my shared tools (over 700 VIs and 200 Custom controls, plus template VIs, Glyphs, Icon Templates, Tools menu (scripting) items, etc.) into smaller packages.  Although, I did move installation of QD tools into its own package since none of those VIs end up in the palettes.

    I love VIPM and just need to learn what I don't yet know how to do.


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